To give to the needy does not mean to give, but to sow. (Basque proverb)

We are a non-profit foundation with no endowments from industry. Our work is therefore mainly financed through private donations and public funding, for example by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, EU funding programmes (Interreg) or subsidies from the federal states.

Through your donations, no matter how small, you support our work. They enable us to initiate and implement sustainable projects for the care of chronically ill people.

For donations up to 200 euros, the deposit receipt or account statement is valid as a donation receipt for submission to the tax office. For higher donations we ask you to contact us. We will gladly send you a donation receipt

Please support the German Foundation for the Chronically Ill through a voluntary donation. Please lend your support as well. Every little counts.

Please help.
Every donation counts.

IBAN: DE59 7632 0072 0378 703743
Reference: donation for foundation work

Gifts that give back

It‘s your birthday, an anniversary or you are celebrating another festive occasion? Use this joyful event and let us improve the care of people with chronic illnesses by gifting yourself through a donation to us.

You can accept the donations yourself. You will then receive a donation receipt following the transfer to the foundation account.

You can also pass on our account details to your guests and add the reference "donation for the foundation work". Following the campaign, you will receive a list of the donors and the amount donated.

With your permission, we will publish your campaign and donation on our website

Mourning and inheritance

The loss of a loved can barely be described in words. Instead of flowers or wreaths, relatives and friends can show their sympathy by a donation in memory of a loved one. This is a positive way of commemorating a life. Your gift will help us to improve the lives of people with chronic illnesses.

Maybe you or a beloved family member are suffering from a chronic illness or you want to accomplish something for the greater good? By including the German Foundation for the Chronically Ill in your will, you will help us to improve the care situation for people with chronic illnesses.