Scientific advisory board

Scientific advisory board

The scientific advisory board of the German Foundation for the Chronically Ill supports the foundation in full independence in the medical and scientific field in promoting research and improving care. The Advisory Board determines the subject matter of its consultation itself and meets several times a year. At present, there are 14 well-known scientists from health care research who have a sound medical and scientific expertise as well as a profound understanding of the German health care system.

Prof Dr Carl-Peter Criée

Internist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, sleep specialist, retired

Dr Martin D. Denz

President of the Swiss Society for Telemedicine and eHealth SGTMeH, Lucerne, Switzerland

Prof Dr Matthias Endres

Director of the department of neurology with experimental neurology, Charité Berlin

Prof Dr Thomas Eschenhagen

Institute director, professor for experimental pharmacology and toxicology, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf

Prof Dr J. Christoph Geller

Consultant in cardiology, Zentralklinik Bad Berka

Prof Dr Reinhard Erik Griebenow

Specialist general practitioner for internal medicine and cardiology, Cologne

Prof Dr Thomas Klingenheben

Specialist general practitioner for internal medicine and cardiology, Bonn

Dr Helge Körber

Specialist for internal medicine and rheumatology, Asklepios health care centre, Elmshorn

Dr Florian Masuhr, physician of the fleet, lecturer

Clinical director, specialist for neurology, Bundeswehr hospital, Berlin

Prof Dr Stefan Sack

Consultant at the department for cardiology, pneumology and internal intensive care, Klinikum Schwabing

Prof Dr Georgios Sakas

Professor of Graphical Interactive Systems, Darmstadt

Dr Urs Schneider

Internist and cardiologist, freelance reviewer, Zurich, Switzerland

Prof Dr Jonas Schreyögg

Professor of Business Administration, in particular healthcare management, Hamburg Center for Health Economics (HCHE)

Prof Dr Carsten Schultz

Professor of Technology Management, Kiel

Erna Thoden

Care and case manager, nurse, Hamburg 

Prof Dr Karl Wegscheider

Professor für Medizinische Biometrie und Epidemiologie, im Ruhestand, Hamburg 

Prof. Dr. Joachim Weil

Facharzt für Innere Medizin, Kardiologie, Pharmakologie und Toxikologie, Sana Kliniken Lübeck

Prof. Dr. Christian Zugck

Niedergelassener Facharzt für Innere Medizin, Kardiologie, Angiologie und Intensivmedizin, Straubing