About Us

Aims of the Foundation

The German Foundation for the Chronically Ill was founded in 2004 in Fürth, Germany. It is a non-profit, independent foundation with headquarters in Fürth and Berlin and is governed by the German Foundation Trust AG, Fürth.

We aim to improve the care of chronically ill people. This goal will be achieved through the development, promotion and scientific evaluation of innovative forms of care as well as supportive patient training and care concepts.

At the core of our work lies the belief that the cooperation of all actors involved in the care – from doctors, nursing staff and therapists to insurance companies and health policy agents – is an essential foundation for improving the quality of life of people with chronic diseases. An important role is also assigned to the patients themselves: an open and self-determined dealing with their illness is an important success factor in coping with the illness and consequently the therapeutic success.

Through our work, we want to empower the patient, educate the public and contribute to the creation of a better environment for the care of the chronically ill.