Current Projects

Current Projects

The German Foundation for the Chronically Ill works in different current projects which aim at improving the care processes of chronically ill people. In addition, we are always in talks with partners and various actors in the healthcare system in order to develop new solutions and to initiate new projects.


PASSION-HF - Virtual doctor "Abby" is designed to help people with heart failure

In the EU-funded project "PASSION-HF: PAtient Self-care uSIng eHealth in Chronic Heart Failure", the virtual doctor Abby is being developed in cooperation with heart failure patients, relatives and medical service providers. With the help of a self-learning decision-making support system, Abby is meant to help people with heart failure in their daily management of the disease as well as in their treatment decisions.



SimPat - Ensuring the intersectoral care of multimorbid patients with dementia

As part of the "Services 2020 Action Plan", the Federal Ministry of Education and Research is funding the SimPat concept under the measure "Service innovations through digitization" - a holistic concept for the care of dementia-affected people with various illnesses. SimPat stands for "Securing intersectoral care through an IT-based service concept for multimorbid patients with dementia".

What does this mean? People with dementia often suffer from several age-related illnesses, such as diabetes or fractures as a result of falls. Therefore, these patients have multiple support needs which go beyond the immediate needs of dementia. In addition to inpatient and outpatient medical services of various specialists, rehabilitation measures, therapies and nursing services are also necessary, some of them inpatient, but also partly in the home environment. Therefore, holistic, patient-centred care builds on a network of different disciplines and professions, which sometimes operate in different sectors of the health system



DOQUVIDE - Documentation of quality during the collection of vital parameters through implanted devices

Due to its proven utility, telecardiology is already actively used in German health care. Yet, there is still a lack of systematic information on the proven advantages of outpatient telemedical care compared to the conventional care of patients with cardiac implants. This type of information could provide the basis for the inclusion of Telecardiology into the service catalog of the health insurances. 

In order to promote the necessary transparency in telecardiology, the German Foundation for the Chronically Ill has initiated a project to evaluate the quality of care of telecardiologically treated patients. As part of the quality assurance measure "DOQUVIDE - documentation of the quality during the collection of vital parameters through implanted devices", vital parameters collected using telemedicine in patients who are fitted with telemedicine enabled pacemakers / ICD / CRT-D devices, are recorded and evaluated.

Active discussions with stakeholders concerned with chronic diseases

We are in continuous dialogue with a variety of associations, foundations and other chronic disease stakeholders to jointly provide solutions for a better care for people with chronic illnesses. With our partners and supporters, we carry out innovative projects, the results of which inform demands for a better care.


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