The German Foundation for the Chronically Ill is involved in scientific projects aimed at improving the care for chronically ill patients. It covers a wide range of indications - from heart failure to neuromuscular diseases and opiate addiction. The study content of the foundation and the care concepts which are developed and evaluated in the projects are equally diverse.


In collaboration with well-known partners from research, industry and technology, the German Foundation for the Chronically Ill develops research and care concepts to improve the quality of life of chronically ill people.

The projects are funded by the European Union, the federal government, the ministries of the German federal states and other initiatives.

Current project announcements: Establishment of a physician network

Promoting the establishment of regional physician networks for the care of heart failure patients

With this funding, the German Foundation for the Chronically Ill aims to support the establishment of regional, IT-supported doctor networks with the help of start-up funding for more than one year.

The aim of the funding is to enable the establishment of a supply network through start-up financing in order to overcome barriers between disciplines and sectors and to ensure a structured, coordinated and guideline-oriented supply process. The structure is also supported by the promotion of an IT infrastructure. This forms the basis for the structured exchange of information and the creation of common supply structures within the regional supply network.

The funding is provided by a grant made available by Novartis Pharma Deutschland GmbH, which is administered in trust by the foundation.

The announcement can be found here.